Friday, December 11, 2009

tucker asks..."do you have any idea what the street value of this mountain is?"

after weeks of dust on crust snow in summit, five of us packed deep to journey to Wolf Creek. The day before, Wolf Creek Pass reported feet of snow dumping at an alarming rate. when we finally arrived and woke up, there was over four feet of fresh, and we were stuck on the other side of the pass in Pagosa Springs. An avalanche buried 6 trucks on the pass (the same place we had driven from), making an entry to Wolf Creek impossible for the instead we set out to build something to shred.. given the circumstances, and seeing everything buried in snow, we built a kicker right of the side of the plows made their way and truckers slept in their cabs (awaiting the gates to open), we built a booter that sent us directly into the belly of the pass and into chest deep powder. More tales and pics from our snowed in snow day to come...

getting a little help from my friends, tucker tows me in at hyperspeed...double cork 180, no big deal. i always say this, but there really are more photos to lurk on from this session. justin killed it with a backside rodeo, & i hope to have the pictures posted soon (the girls at the photo-mart are slacking on developing my film).
we all made it back to summit in one piece, and couldnt believe how much snow that was awaiting us when we arrived. all five mountains got dumped on and seeing keystones park buried in feet of snow got all of us hyped.

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