Monday, March 28, 2011


what are you looking at nick? u havin fun yet?

shit guys, what an impressive night. i cant even begin to list the tricks we saw go down, and i def cant remember where all that nightmare brand Donkey-Spit ended up. most importantly summit county stepped up and let us know exactly how much they like to party.
thanks to everyone's donations we are more than 35% of the way to the new miniramp addition (RAD). fuckfashon shirts were a hit (some even walked off on their own), so we are gonna have to get some new designs out there.
half the crew is still feeling the hangovers but all we can think about is the next excuse to rage.
until then take advantage of spring storms and try to catch up with us destroying some slackcountry.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

collin has arrived

1. make sure your bindings match your hoodie.
2. spot check, make sure shits gonna look reeeeeal tiiiiiiiight (footy or not)
3. keep your shoulders droopy so it looks like you "dont give a fuck" whether you made the shot or not.
4. don't ask to "peep the shot" right after you eat shit
5. don't ask to "peep the shot" right after you landed shit.
6. don't let bryan borrow your memory card....yesterdays "banger money shot" just turned into a card filled with last nights dubstep show documented extra blurry.
7. keep asking if the shots "legit" and if its cool to edit using his shit while hes working on a completely different project.
8. don't ask collin if he wants to smoke a bowl while he's can figure that one out yourself...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


we have been really putting in our hours at the nightmare factory. trying our hardest to break new boundaries and produce the most intensely crafted snowboards. handmade, hand carved, hand molded and shaped. built from our hands and even other peoples hands. hands handling the majestic process from start to finish. handling tools and crafting boards identical from the last. from products man cannot touch and woven from threads of the earth through process that work our fingernails to the bone, its all been hands on. FUCK THAT BULLSHIT. we cut out some new shapes, cut out bases, put in some rad epoxy, made a rad core, filled it with some special sauce and smashed it all together with a machine space engineers built. now were riding these shits. fucking stoked. our wait is over to ride the thunder.

greg did it!

Monday, March 21, 2011


We have new shirts. Get at us to get at them. 15 smackers.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


its been a while since weve had a party at the warehouse. avoiding cops, avoiding serving underage mall rats, jumping off roofs, bailing on the mini ramp, falling from the rafters, wrangling summit counties finest, dancing like bryan loftus, knife fights, broken hearts, misplaced egos, avoiding bryans penis, barrel fires, and reliving prom have all been memories to cherish again and again. there's nothing like the morning after.. whether you're waking up next to a terrible decision or nervously trying to clean the vomit from inside a strangers refridgerator (you could've sworn that was the toilet at 5 a.m.) its all fun and games until you lose your shit. While we all go through the same motions and all deal with the aftermath, we still get to deal with the after-aftermath. Part of that is sitting through the next morning getting visits and calls about the shit people lost in their carefree nite of partying with us. Usually nothing ever turns up. Well, today is someones lucky day! We found one of the 7 missing i-phones from one of those raging nights! after losing a layer of ice in our parking lot, we're happy we found your missing property. Come by and claim it! i think this things got 4g! and a custom touch screen.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

dyesublimation party

we scored some sweet machines for our new print office. epson 4880 hacked with dyesub inks, standard 24" vinyl cutter for the most rad stickers ever. but how do we get all this cool art onto your snowboard topsheet?

lets remember back to highschool chem-lab. states of matter, sublimation, osmosis, dark matter, how hot your lab partner was/wasnt, how much you could drink at lunch, Bunsen burner safety.
here at nightmare labs we have been reviewing our old textbooks to try and get the highest quality topsheets for our decks. dye sublimation is the industry standard for printing on plastic products. the process involves printing on transfer paper and then applying massive heat and pressure to SUBLIMATE (solid to gas) the image into the plastic topsheet. the image becomes a permanent part of the plastic, so bash it, scratch it, dent it, the image is still vibrant.

so this process normally involves various specialized, expensive machines to be done professionally. we had the cheaper option to retrofit one of our snowboard presses so that we can use it to sublimate. after a week of fabrication and waiting for parts everything is finally together ready for testing .

steevie rasta came up to summit with his 4runner mounted metal shop to help us finish this project. we ordered bunch of steel and aluminum to press onto thin topsheet materials.
greg shows off our new bladder system for applying pressure. no air leaks at 40psi. i think he is just compensating for something here, you can be the judge.
pressure test with all the materials in the press. it is holding great and getting consistent pressure. all the layers in there serve a purpose to make sure that art comes out crisp and clean.
temperature tests were conducted at the end of the night. we managed to heat up our 3/4in aluminum plate to 350F (oven hot) in just under and hour and a half. no fires, nothing melted, success! next stop is the art department to print out graphics for the r.mccoy promodel.

be on the lookout for a sneak peak before it hits the snow.
dirty dozen. heavyshred. nightmare.