Sunday, November 29, 2009

"you think the landlords gonna be bummed?" "who cares, lets do this."

adam (onus) was like "dude lets build a ramp at my house..." a few hours later & with tons of help from our friends, a mini ramp was built where cars are supposed to park. then we painted it. the transition is perfectly tight and there is plenty of flat bottom for set up. This ramp is fun...the options are endless, either land something smoothly or get sent directly to eating shit. Adam kills it with the blunt variations.. pics of skating this monster soon...

keystones wrath

after my heel exploded early this season i had gotten used to being on the sidelines. watching everyone wake up early & stoked on the days shred started to kind of bum me out...not so much that my friends were having gnarly days killing it, i was just bummed that i was missing it. Danny helped out by telling me everyday how much the hill sucked and that i didnt miss much...but i know better than that. When justin hobbled in to the house a few days later i knew my solo recovery days were over. he got bit by the same beast. Overshot the landing at keystone, and was left with a broken butt. a few more weeks and we will be back in action, until then justin will be sporting his gangster sag and ill be limping around like an idiot. snowboarding is the best!

ummm dude, what are you doing wednesday?

come one. come all. partydown.
Heavy Shred, Onus Arts, and the Dirty Jerks are throwing a party benefit for snowboard outreach. come shred the dancefloor with santa while Bryan spins all the jams. Tons of free shit and cheap beer, come get soaked.

Friday, November 13, 2009

ITS LOVE! checking in with the ESSI crew!!

Stoked our friends at Essi sent some shred photos from Oregon today. Nick (pictured above) is so hyped hes crushing trees with tail blocks. Mike (pictured below) follows Nick & smashes stump. smash your eyes and check out

Summit Counties ESSI crew packed up and made voyage to live and shred the wild of Bend Oregon in 'O9. Mike and the crew (Nick, Dango, & Buddy) started Essi Eyewear in '07, providing affordable and one of a kind shades to look extra rad on the hill and just as smooth at night. These dudes define snowboarding d.i.y. and wont stop till the wheels fall off. Check back later in this month as were going to be interviewing these guys and see whats jamming in the pacific northwest.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

lets all just take a knee.

i got worked yesterday. overshot the landing & went directly to flats at keystone. it ruled, its all because i called last run. came out with a bruised heel and a broken heart. now im in the penalty box icing for an hour and elevating for two (repeat). at least i get a rad view while my fat foot soaks in iceburgs. i have finger toes.........on a side note i dropped my phone into my ice water ankle bucket. so yea, my phone took a shit. if youre trying to call, me and my phone are brokeoff.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


having a house in the middle of the woods is the jam. especially when our well is brokedown, making all of the water red and chunked. doesnt matter because im stoked and the a-basin spring is just up the road. our entire house functions on this water that pours & flows from higher earth.

Monday, November 9, 2009

is it sunday? yea dude its sunday....

goodmorning. another precious danny and justin moment. this was not taken opening day at keystone, that day was majestic. Danny is the keystone connect, he runs the food court. for real everyone loves him and hates him at the exact same time. it was rad hearing some ski patrollers suggest to danny that he hand over his pass in advance.

yesss! i am totally jibbing!

cuban blunt?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

go get safe.

the ski patrol action figure was modeled after this guy. for real, seriously, the gloves

Friday, November 6, 2009

do the claustrophic!

went on a mission to Eagle Colorado to check out fulford cave. got dirty.

justin guided the voyage. he also gave me three dead batteries for my headlamp.

tucker poses for his cologne ad.

keystone is open.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

come home

shred possessed!

frontside five, i missed the grab i missed the landing

fitz. picnic table. the fisher king.

hypercoaching with darko. nicotine and gnar.


Monday, November 2, 2009

get BENT!

Fitz is actually headed away from the camera. paying in pain. righteous.

over it, were chasin babes at the a-basin foodcourt.

oh shit.

gnar touch....a touch of gnar with danny darko

front greg plant. governer style.