Thursday, December 24, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

sell me something

Alex Gvojic (you can google him) made sure I get this for the blog. This is genius. Perfect ad campaign. As awkward as it was to be driving on I-70 and look up to a 40 foot billboard of Shaun White puckering his lips while looking like he sang for aerosmith, I would have to say this is a far superior advertisement. Direct and to the point, these glasses are thermonuclear protection.

Friday, December 18, 2009

this is the now. then.

this exists. hometown hero alex gvojic and his pals have a blog. get real:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the ponies are out of the stable

after it dumped all day sunday it was time to ride the darkside. danny, justin, and i got the sleds out at 2 a.m. to do a run through vail pass.

snowed party passout...TOTALLY INSANE!

long days of riding and early morning hyseteria generally end with a house full of dudes passed out on various couches and crawled into corners. nevermind the boots coming off or the additional layers danny told you to wear...keep all that extra garbage on and get cozy. let all those smells in there fester for the moment. get with it and get to getting lazy. after all, todays shred was hot, reckless, and totally insane.. how else are we supposed to get that eagles energy for tommorows session? the answer: old movies. especially old movies portraying older versions of things you like to do... movies are no longer just another way of saying "hey come over and i might try and makeout with you" to a girl. Movies rule, and somewhere, somehow we will be organizing midweek after shred movienites... this could rule, while some friends will be passing around grandmas funny looking lamp, others will be stealing bites off their friends frozen pizza. another gauranteed rad nite with help of vhs tapes from the family thrift. first official movie nite....double feature.

Friday, December 11, 2009

tucker asks..."do you have any idea what the street value of this mountain is?"

after weeks of dust on crust snow in summit, five of us packed deep to journey to Wolf Creek. The day before, Wolf Creek Pass reported feet of snow dumping at an alarming rate. when we finally arrived and woke up, there was over four feet of fresh, and we were stuck on the other side of the pass in Pagosa Springs. An avalanche buried 6 trucks on the pass (the same place we had driven from), making an entry to Wolf Creek impossible for the instead we set out to build something to shred.. given the circumstances, and seeing everything buried in snow, we built a kicker right of the side of the plows made their way and truckers slept in their cabs (awaiting the gates to open), we built a booter that sent us directly into the belly of the pass and into chest deep powder. More tales and pics from our snowed in snow day to come...

getting a little help from my friends, tucker tows me in at hyperspeed...double cork 180, no big deal. i always say this, but there really are more photos to lurk on from this session. justin killed it with a backside rodeo, & i hope to have the pictures posted soon (the girls at the photo-mart are slacking on developing my film).
we all made it back to summit in one piece, and couldnt believe how much snow that was awaiting us when we arrived. all five mountains got dumped on and seeing keystones park buried in feet of snow got all of us hyped.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

the face of an angel.

king tucks look-a-like in last months transworld. the rad thing is that all i had to do was steal this image of him from his myspace page. look it up, its in his "man of mystery" folder. speaking of, it was funny when a friend of mine told me that myspace is like the detroit of the sure youve heard the joke before, but i've said it again. some make exhaustion their mode of expression....figure that out.

Friday, December 4, 2009


*thanks everyone for coming out to our first ONUS/dirty dozen/HEAVYshred party and celebrating christmas a month early with our squad. check back because my inbox is full of pics people sent me from the party and we will be posting tons more soon. real quick...look at the quality coming through in the bottom left photo. until then, go shred.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

killing time...over a decade ago

this shit is timeless, perfect frontside three. jamie lynn has, and will always be a snowboarders snowboarder. If you don't get that, then we're riding on two different sides of the hill. no snowboard video games, mountain dew was just another shitty soft drink, and target wasn't even thinking about sponsoring riders (to make sure their marketing hits the mainstream extreme)...This was 1994, and if this dude even got a paycheck for riding it went directly into getting gas to get up the hill. there is something very wrong with snowboarding today, but at least we got Jamie Lynn to show us how a method should really look like.

tarquin robbins killing it stalefish in 1993. look this dude up because he is proof that what comes around goes around. before the slopes started looking more like the mall food court this dude was rocking that oversized flannel, with a wider stance than yours, and bigger pants to match. He made snowboarding look and feel more like skateboarding and without a doubt spearheaded the jibbing and bonking movement. Shredding is gnarly these days, and kids are killing it everywhere...but chances are whatever "fresh" trick you saw or did in the park today, tarquin robbins did it 15 years ago.