Tuesday, December 1, 2009

killing time...over a decade ago

this shit is timeless, perfect frontside three. jamie lynn has, and will always be a snowboarders snowboarder. If you don't get that, then we're riding on two different sides of the hill. no snowboard video games, mountain dew was just another shitty soft drink, and target wasn't even thinking about sponsoring riders (to make sure their marketing hits the mainstream extreme)...This was 1994, and if this dude even got a paycheck for riding it went directly into getting gas to get up the hill. there is something very wrong with snowboarding today, but at least we got Jamie Lynn to show us how a method should really look like.

tarquin robbins killing it stalefish in 1993. look this dude up because he is proof that what comes around goes around. before the slopes started looking more like the mall food court this dude was rocking that oversized flannel, with a wider stance than yours, and bigger pants to match. He made snowboarding look and feel more like skateboarding and without a doubt spearheaded the jibbing and bonking movement. Shredding is gnarly these days, and kids are killing it everywhere...but chances are whatever "fresh" trick you saw or did in the park today, tarquin robbins did it 15 years ago.

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  1. hey everybody check out tarquin robbins man that shit is sick as fuck