Monday, September 20, 2010

visual diarreah

its getting colder in summit and we all know that that means, summer is over and it's almost time to slay. it has been an intensely busy couple months since you saw us last, the end of the season and the beginning of our nightmare!
we figured the best way to show everyone our work is to shit out all the great pics from the last post until now.

as a soft opening we threw a rail jam in the parking lot of the factory. truck after truck of snow and seasonal colorado weather kept us on the rail all night. thanks to all the competitors who signed up and the partygoers who helped us keep it alive. looking forward to more and more of these throughout the next season.

our factory! growing so much we might not be able to stay here for next season. 1100 square feet and industry standard tools! racing the snow this spring trying to get some RandD done.

danny and joe showing off our development! from tame to awesome, working with core shapes and new designs, not much time left in the season but still at it hard.

springtime in the rockies allows us some unique pleasures. joe rides his chopper to the basin with snowboards in tow. last couple days out there!

fresh grass and summer weather cant hide the character of this place. a visit back to historic gilman colorado where we spent time shredding all season. this time we found treasures and scoped new hits for the upcoming winter.

guess who moved into a new warehouse! nightmare comes up huge and expands into a factory three times the size of the old one. first task is getting the break room ready with a dope miniramp, putting green, and couchland. we cant keep people from riding, danny and joe killin it on the mini before its all even screwed together.

PJ nails the first couple kickflip transfers to the vert wall. jaw dropping.

new addition to the factory, monster puppy! tonka and joe posing lion king style.

fording streams in the tacoma, its not all about snow here in colorado. we have to find other activities to entertain us in the summer.

ramps done, walpaper's up, the nightmare lounge is fully operational. stop by and slay with us!

thanks to wagner rentals we scored a free bobcat for the weekend to get the presses over to the new spot. almost ready for production, starting to look like a real factory.

we have tons more work to do but nightmare will rise to the challenge! keep checkin in on the dirty dozen, we are gonna party and do work all season long. visit to see what the guys at nightmare are up to. think snow!