Friday, February 25, 2011


if anyone out there does not know the game of GNAR, please use google and educate yourself.
for the rest of you, welcome back grasshoppers. the guys at nightmare are trying to get some stuff together thats going to prove to be radical. help us out with this process, the more info we get the better the results.heres how you can help us out:
shred all the terrain in the map above
fill in names that we are missing (or think up new names)
shred again
take pictures and video
email everything you have to us at_
get published, do not pass go, do not become rich and famous

watchout for the sonic boom.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

new hotness

old and busted

found this one sitting in the archives from just over two years ago. first splitboard project, first real backcountry experience, mila there to party all the time. the inserts were not flush, no inside edges, shitty broken morrow torch (foamcore). this board died riding down buffalo mountain from the summit, others have some and gone but nothing worth remembering.
sleds made it all fast and easy, burning arms instead of quads, endless pow at the touch of the throttle.
the real dream is an hour long run from the top of the world back to my door, no noise, no gas, exhausted.

new hotness
after almost a week working on this project all the hardware got attached this morning. dusted the old skins and poles off and set out from my backyard up buffalo again. the 6mm core and asymmetrical rocker help this monster skin up through the deepest of powder. powslayer sidecut makes for effortless turns on the way down. i didnt quite make it as far as i wanted (standby for technical difficulties) but with one day under the ole belt im ready for more and more.

the split was layed up with entropy bioresin (a new product for us up here in summit) they offer the same waterproofing and flex characteristics as the industry standard resin systems but are 70% bio based. better for the earth, better for us, pretty rad idea.
check them out here:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

split personalities

the nightmare/daydream splitboard is one step closer to riding a 14er near you.
we went oldskool with the powslayer design, but cut it in half (keepin the twoplankers happy i guess) 4 sidewalls, 4 edges, more inserts than jenna jameson could handle, lightweight, rockered, everything you need, nothing you dont.

get your skins and quads ready, the longest and steepest runs are a week or two away.

core(s) profile (not the final tip and tail shape)

sidewalls being attached to the left half.

the crew took some damage today. hoping for speedy recovery for some shoulders, ankles and feet.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

plaidcollar work

there is a lot to be said of the "class" that rocks plaid and flannel to work, carhartt, bibs, chaps, snowpants, boots, whatever. you do you, we all have fun.
more work at the nightmare labs leads to some fabric purchases and 13mm of rocker.

sparkles in the topsheet
watch out for the warangler riding this beastie at the stone, preying on donkeys, slaying big line.

r.mccoy riding his promedel in the nightmare backyard

hey, if you didnt hear the jibberjamouter was really rad. true snowboard fun. keep comin out summit county we want to continue making this a dope local place to sesh and get shots.
jeff got some mag quality material, treat your eyeballs again and again.

Friday, February 4, 2011

backcountry treasurehunting

the jibberjamouter was sick, thanks to the crew for shoveling for a solid week, thanks to everybody for throwin down. curt and kody got us all riled up and i think nobody went to work or even got out of bed the next day.

meanwhile, back at nightmare HQ.
decks keep rollin out, different shapes, fresh graphics, getting the r.mccoy promodel all dialed in.

trailers and snowmobiles are frustrating, cold temps shut down all operations. extra layers and no snow make for stress out here in summit.

but today everything good came back to snowboarding.
earn your turns, explore, good vibes with the crew and animals.

kody taking a minute at the cabin, 2 new decks out on snow today.

pretty classy accommodations for the middle of nowhere, sleeps as many as u can fit and comes pre-stocked with treasures!
left some of our own and headed back down the hill.
shred till dead