Thursday, April 28, 2011

ad space.

This ad rules... definitely categorized in the "when they were cool" section. Burton used an excerpt from Madonnas uber controversial book "SEX" and replaced the sex words with all that is snowboarding. The first word suggests what many may think...snowboarding is better than pussy.
"The ad outsmarted a culture consumed in one-upmanship with humor and unabashed confidence. By deconstructing the hype surrounding the undisputed Queen of Sleaze, it embraces a hand-made, raw composition that communicates an honest, quality vibe to the company's advantage."- AIGA


photos: chris rose

Thursday, April 21, 2011


after endless amounts of work all season long we turned out this monster.
ryan finally gets to ride his snowboard his way, right before breck closes, awesome timing. cant do close ups yet but stop by the factory to check out the real deal and some other art.

if anyone has pics or video from the last railjam (ie. backflips over the bronco 2) get it to us and we will trade you for your best shots.

check out more art from Tom @
we love all the artists we have been and will be working with. i should have put this up from the beginning.