Tuesday, December 15, 2009

snowed in...pizza party passout...TOTALLY INSANE!

long days of riding and early morning hyseteria generally end with a house full of dudes passed out on various couches and crawled into corners. nevermind the boots coming off or the additional layers danny told you to wear...keep all that extra garbage on and get cozy. let all those smells in there fester for the moment. get with it and get to getting lazy. after all, todays shred was hot, reckless, and totally insane.. how else are we supposed to get that eagles energy for tommorows session? the answer: old movies. especially old movies portraying older versions of things you like to do... movies are no longer just another way of saying "hey come over and i might try and makeout with you" to a girl. Movies rule, and somewhere, somehow we will be organizing midweek after shred movienites... this could rule, while some friends will be passing around grandmas funny looking lamp, others will be stealing bites off their friends frozen pizza. another gauranteed rad nite with help of vhs tapes from the family thrift. first official movie nite....double feature.


  1. check out the dudes haircut who is singing. bryan...think about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YJLrx-zA-U

  2. speaking of pizza...hows that tuperware