Thursday, August 25, 2011


Keep It Simple Stupid
as the nights get longer and colder up here in summit snow is the only thing on everyones mind. now is the time to prepare for our upcoming season. obviously that means building tons of radical snowboards, getting the tuneshop stocked up, fixing all three broken snowmobile trailers, scrounging up money for season passes, signing leases and talking to summit county snowboard shops.
but it also meas its time to start experimenting with film techniques, trying to get "the shot" in the backcountry without having to rent a helicopter.
so our first step was to build a 6foot gopro camera jib without spending a dollar. this is the result, nothing fancy but it works and it was totally free. now we need a 10-15foot version that will attach to a snowmobile somehow.........
show up on tues night for some skate action and help us test out the new jib and shred the box and the mini.


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