Saturday, August 20, 2011

eternal vows

somewhere in rural tennessee, in a dry county, surrounded by bikers and babes. . . . . . .
our two best friends will embark on a journey, a partnership, one crazy ride for the rest of their lives. Today Mr. Joe Suta and soon to be Mrs. Sarah Suta will exchange words and drinks, and promise to remain together in love for as far as their road goes.
from the beginning we knew that joe had found something special. the proclaimed godfather of the Dirty Dozen had finally found a woman with enough character and style to be a match. joes "secret chicago life" turned into more than just that, and soon we got to meet the cause of all these changes. joe brought her to the mountains of colorado and ran her through the DD initiation tests, which she passed with flying colors. since then she has become a part of our lives, at home, at the factory, and all over summit county.

Joe and Sarah, from all of your family in colorado, we are sorry that we could not make it to your special day, however we are excited to be a part of the rest of your lives together. we will always be with you in spirit and look forward to a proper summit county wedding reception once you get back out here.

be safe, be happy, love eachother.
shred till dead.

-spirit of 44

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