Saturday, May 7, 2011

morals ideals and bullshit

slippery slope huh?
is this the gateway snowboard that leads men to objectify women?
would putting naked dudes on boards objectify men? (we will try this one)
personally we at the nightmare warehouse think that burton did not go far enough. so we took the next step. art for art's sake, and put that art onto something that we get to ride. full frontal, cartoons, sex toys, deviant behavior, full pentagram.
what happened to the days when skate and snowboarders were outlaws, renegades, troublemakers? now we must conform to please every parent, child and institution before we can create a rad snowboard. 

well thanks to burton (and rome and world industries in reality) we learned something from their "marketing fiasco". the more people that get together and hate on graphics the faster the snowboards sell out, so go ahead HATE hard and we will be stronger. (or show your true colors and appreciate!)
nightmare will always stay true. a snowboarders snowboard, made by shredders for those who cant live without it. we will continue to put the things that we want on our decks, and continue putting incredible materials inside our decks. pushing at the industry from the inside.  

buck furton? just say it already........
FUCK BURTON ride a NIGHTMARE (and bring all those dope protest signs with you)

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