Sunday, March 13, 2011


its been a while since weve had a party at the warehouse. avoiding cops, avoiding serving underage mall rats, jumping off roofs, bailing on the mini ramp, falling from the rafters, wrangling summit counties finest, dancing like bryan loftus, knife fights, broken hearts, misplaced egos, avoiding bryans penis, barrel fires, and reliving prom have all been memories to cherish again and again. there's nothing like the morning after.. whether you're waking up next to a terrible decision or nervously trying to clean the vomit from inside a strangers refridgerator (you could've sworn that was the toilet at 5 a.m.) its all fun and games until you lose your shit. While we all go through the same motions and all deal with the aftermath, we still get to deal with the after-aftermath. Part of that is sitting through the next morning getting visits and calls about the shit people lost in their carefree nite of partying with us. Usually nothing ever turns up. Well, today is someones lucky day! We found one of the 7 missing i-phones from one of those raging nights! after losing a layer of ice in our parking lot, we're happy we found your missing property. Come by and claim it! i think this things got 4g! and a custom touch screen.


  1. nah thats def one of them 5g's

  2. ohhh yeah i heard about them they come with the cracked screen.