Saturday, March 26, 2011

collin has arrived

1. make sure your bindings match your hoodie.
2. spot check, make sure shits gonna look reeeeeal tiiiiiiiight (footy or not)
3. keep your shoulders droopy so it looks like you "dont give a fuck" whether you made the shot or not.
4. don't ask to "peep the shot" right after you eat shit
5. don't ask to "peep the shot" right after you landed shit.
6. don't let bryan borrow your memory card....yesterdays "banger money shot" just turned into a card filled with last nights dubstep show documented extra blurry.
7. keep asking if the shots "legit" and if its cool to edit using his shit while hes working on a completely different project.
8. don't ask collin if he wants to smoke a bowl while he's can figure that one out yourself...

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