Sunday, February 13, 2011

plaidcollar work

there is a lot to be said of the "class" that rocks plaid and flannel to work, carhartt, bibs, chaps, snowpants, boots, whatever. you do you, we all have fun.
more work at the nightmare labs leads to some fabric purchases and 13mm of rocker.

sparkles in the topsheet
watch out for the warangler riding this beastie at the stone, preying on donkeys, slaying big line.

r.mccoy riding his promedel in the nightmare backyard

hey, if you didnt hear the jibberjamouter was really rad. true snowboard fun. keep comin out summit county we want to continue making this a dope local place to sesh and get shots.
jeff got some mag quality material, treat your eyeballs again and again.

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