Friday, February 4, 2011

backcountry treasurehunting

the jibberjamouter was sick, thanks to the crew for shoveling for a solid week, thanks to everybody for throwin down. curt and kody got us all riled up and i think nobody went to work or even got out of bed the next day.

meanwhile, back at nightmare HQ.
decks keep rollin out, different shapes, fresh graphics, getting the r.mccoy promodel all dialed in.

trailers and snowmobiles are frustrating, cold temps shut down all operations. extra layers and no snow make for stress out here in summit.

but today everything good came back to snowboarding.
earn your turns, explore, good vibes with the crew and animals.

kody taking a minute at the cabin, 2 new decks out on snow today.

pretty classy accommodations for the middle of nowhere, sleeps as many as u can fit and comes pre-stocked with treasures!
left some of our own and headed back down the hill.
shred till dead

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