Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Episode 3- "How To Tear Knee Ligaments 101"

While I sat here icing my knee on this ever so comfortable couch with my season over, I was rolling through footage from Saturday. I then figure'd I would throw some clips together and try to give ya a few runs down copper since we've gettin some fresh. Kept this one short n to the point. Snow was deep, fresh, and fun...until I hit THAT rock. A tobaggon ride down the mountain, a visit to the hospital with no insurance, xrays,and a few calls to the parents, i find myself all braced up with torn ligaments in my right knee. Next stop is Canada for a few months, yay for free health care...hopefully. I still have to visit the orthopedist to get the final word from, but it's not looking good....surgery, therapy, the whole shibang.

Go ride, have fun, wear a shred ready helmet, and dont hit any rocks.
More riding n debauchery to come here in the next few weeks for Episode 4

Episode 3- "How To Tear Knee Ligaments 101" from Dirtbag Productions on Vimeo.

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