Friday, November 13, 2009

ITS LOVE! checking in with the ESSI crew!!

Stoked our friends at Essi sent some shred photos from Oregon today. Nick (pictured above) is so hyped hes crushing trees with tail blocks. Mike (pictured below) follows Nick & smashes stump. smash your eyes and check out

Summit Counties ESSI crew packed up and made voyage to live and shred the wild of Bend Oregon in 'O9. Mike and the crew (Nick, Dango, & Buddy) started Essi Eyewear in '07, providing affordable and one of a kind shades to look extra rad on the hill and just as smooth at night. These dudes define snowboarding d.i.y. and wont stop till the wheels fall off. Check back later in this month as were going to be interviewing these guys and see whats jamming in the pacific northwest.

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