Monday, July 25, 2011


The artwork for our jibstick is complete. It's a coffee table, a conversation piece. Sit back, relax, and blow all your rent money on weed and pizza.


All it took was a shitty light rig, a jank skateboard dolly, some homemade generic beer cans (stolen from the movie repo-man), and the last 9 terrible houses i've lived in to come up with this board graphic. This one hits  home, hope you can relate...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

and up jumps the devil!

It's funny how satanic and occult imagery has krept its way into snowboarding. Almost an overnight campaign to "shock the squares". I guess were just as much to blame, meh...whatever. Anyways,  you can call it a youth urgency to rebel against their parents or you can call it marketing genius at work. I wonder if its got the kids thinking about the reality of the pointy looking heart-a-gram. I also wonder if the mall foodcourt is ready for this.

Monday, July 18, 2011

David Snedden- draws NIGHTMARE some shit! ideas from the inside and out

While a lot of snowboard companies claim "handbuilt, handmade, and other sappy logos blah blah blah" we are excited to actually own the machine that "hand builds" their cores and everything else in between. While the robot is working we're busy gathering more and more artwork to put on our "handbuilt" are some ideas sent to us by hand from the handmade hands of David Snedden for snowboards and stuff.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

NIGHTMARE snowboard artwork SNEAK peak:

So here is a look at some pieces from the  board graphics churning out of the Nightmare Factory. Its just a sneak peak of whats to come as we are anticipating a full release party and world domination launch in november. You can stop in the factory and see the full boards for yourself whenever you feel like logging off the computer, but we all know facebook's got you wrapped up in wrangling "internet hot" babes..... So for now see things through the high eye and wander amongst evil kittens being attacked by dogs of lightning while our cosmos are filled with the fury of bears battling sharks and wolves struggling against the king octopus. If your mind has not had enough, relax and get into your summer groove in Summit Counties "Mud-season Orgy" snowboard graphics....Soon there will be a size, shape, camber for everyone!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

independence day shred

after one of the longest seasons on record we get to stop and catch our breath (before the basin opens in 3 months)........... and say thanks to everyone that made it possible this year.
so GIGANTIC thanks to:
our crew, other crews, nightmare, snow, gasoline, our snowboards, vail resorts (koff, koff), everyone who attended one (or more) of our parties, swamp donkeys, wranglers, bartenders, designated drunks, skate night shredders, SUMMIT COUNTY!

we are working through rad ideas for next season and cant wait to see you out there too!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

old bot/new trix

we had to road trip over 2,000 miles into the heart of los angeles to pick up this robot. this final piece of technology will allow us to design and build our decks in house (ie. raw materials to finished snowboard). every other company out there wants you to believe that their boards are "handmade", well lets be honest. 
our boards were handmade for the last two years, imperfections existed, it took way too long, and was not a consistent way to build. 
every board is still assembled by a human (and a shredder nonetheless), but now every part is cut and shaped by a robot. this ensures that we can achieve repeatable shapes, high tolerance accuracy, and designs that we could not have perused in the past.  our robot-slave is busy learning all the new tricks so that we can keep cranking out snowboards, skates, and more!

in other news, the site ( is temporarily down for maintenance while we get ready for next season. if you are wondering what we are up to, stop by the factory and skate for a bit, keep checking the blog or facebook. 

the crew that remains in summit gets to shred tomorrow, in the middle of summer, on a 40in base at arapahoe basin. come join us for the last day of one of the best seasons ever. thanks for the snow ullr!