Sunday, July 3, 2011

old bot/new trix

we had to road trip over 2,000 miles into the heart of los angeles to pick up this robot. this final piece of technology will allow us to design and build our decks in house (ie. raw materials to finished snowboard). every other company out there wants you to believe that their boards are "handmade", well lets be honest. 
our boards were handmade for the last two years, imperfections existed, it took way too long, and was not a consistent way to build. 
every board is still assembled by a human (and a shredder nonetheless), but now every part is cut and shaped by a robot. this ensures that we can achieve repeatable shapes, high tolerance accuracy, and designs that we could not have perused in the past.  our robot-slave is busy learning all the new tricks so that we can keep cranking out snowboards, skates, and more!

in other news, the site ( is temporarily down for maintenance while we get ready for next season. if you are wondering what we are up to, stop by the factory and skate for a bit, keep checking the blog or facebook. 

the crew that remains in summit gets to shred tomorrow, in the middle of summer, on a 40in base at arapahoe basin. come join us for the last day of one of the best seasons ever. thanks for the snow ullr!

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  1. yo next season is about to be on point with parties, and boards , and alot of babes.