Wednesday, October 19, 2011

american labor

as we approach our first season with a "product line" we have been faced with every challenge there is in making everything we want to do happen appropriately. patience has been the word of the year, and it gets harder to follow as snow starts falling.... but when the snow falls well have our heads kept warm with our own knit winter hats made farm fresh from one of the coldest places in middle america...wisconsin. My work schedule lately has forced me to repeatedly "sign off" and carefully inspect files for stickers, photos, paintings, drawings,  t shirts, boards, website, and anything else image related. The other day I called this dude, told him my idea over the phone and within minutes i had this gem in my mailbox. No psd files, no wondering what d.p.i. it should be, just a quick drawing of the stuff we want and the way we want it...if we like it, sign the approval included and onward with life we go. simple and easy, the way it should be. fuck photoshop, sometimes pen and paper will be just fine. time to sign the dotted line, new hats 4-5 weeks. once again, patience.

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