Friday, April 2, 2010


broken collarbone, two separate breaks in her spine, broken nose, surgery on her right eye, and a medical bill that could put all the scrubs at the keystone foodcourt through college. lomo has been ripping all year and was just finishing up filming with us for the season. wanting to get some more shots from breck, she came back turbo-worked but not broken. shes made it through her surguries and we all wish her luck in a speedy recovery to put her back in the saddle at mt. hood this summer.
times are tight and unexpected medical bills dont make things any easier. while doctors are rad and did a great job helping fix lomo, they need to get paid too. i happened to be in the hospital room when the financial department gave lomo the great news on the tab she just acquired. im not sure if she wants everyone to know what the medical bills are, but i assure you it is no joke. the point is, lomo might need some help and we are in the middle of setting up a way to donate. any help at all is appreciated. until then, good luck lomo. you slayed all season.

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