Thursday, October 29, 2009


my friends head cracking against the log is a testament to why front boards are so gnarly. felt like slow motion to watch momentum stop as his heel edge digs into timber. the chances of correction are near impossible. you really have to just settle & take whats coming. that was my introduction to Justin Ibarra. we said hello then I watched him eat shit on a log jib. Pictured above is Justin not eating shit. The dude kills it.

*All season Justin supplies the crew with muffins he would bake...hit up the muffin man, he'll hook you up.


  1. hey don't eat the choclate ones i had to find out the hard way cause joe likes them

  2. dude, you ate my breakfast. Were lucky justin had a fresh batch on the way.

  3. i gotta new recipe. y'al are gonna dig this shit. i call them gnawberry. delicioso! also working on the back banana front-nut bread.