Monday, February 6, 2012

us vs. them

the day before, we had no idea echo mountain was going to be hosting a rail contest. i didn't even think people cared about watching people inappropriately using handrails to slide every which way but loose. the shit people will do strapped to a piece of wood for some cash pretty much compares to a circus of people doing stupid shit until it actually looks cool. Everything else is a direct result to provide content for you tube and America's funniest home videos.  As my father would say "That stunt and 75 cents will get you a cup of coffee".  Whether your getting hit in the crotch with a baseball or hucking yourself down a rail, you most likely didn't come out of it $500 wealthier....Darien totally did, and her style and grace earned her the first place position on the podium. Congratulations lady, the next time you hit a rail and eat some shit, remember you've been paid for it.